TEO: theater space located in the heart of the city and has a colorful biography: was built in the 19th century by the Italians, later served as a wine cellar for Madame Trubetskaya, and in the 20th century served as a military and food storehouse. Completely new life this place was acquired in November 2017 – it was converted into a modern theater space. The “theater under the ground” TEO is called to make contemporary art closer to the audience of Odessa and become a place for a personal meeting of the artist with the viewer, who directly involved in its development. The idea of such development is embodied in the following directions:

  • Project Theater
  • Residence “Entrance is free!”
  • General educational program and video shows of performances
  • TEOquartier (Café)

Our main message is that a place has been created where actors, directors, musicians have the opportunity of free creativity. We organized the conditions for making European level performances. For today five plays have been created. Also exhibitions, lectures and video shows of theater plays let us to engage more than 12000 viewers in such a short period (14 month).

We are open for any cooperation offers. Please, contact us if you have any ideas on how we could cooperate.