TEO: theater space located in the heart of the city and has a colorful biography: was built in the 19th century by the Italians, later served as a wine cellar for Madame Trubetskaya, and in the 20th century served as a military and food storehouse. Completely new life this place was acquired in November 2017 – it was converted into a modern theater space.

TEO is called to make contemporary art closer to the audience of Odessa and become a place for a personal meeting of the artist with the viewer, who directly involved in its development.

Our main message is that a place has been created where actors, directors, musicians have the opportunity of free creativity. TEO works both as a producing theatre and as a presenting one. For today eight performances have been created. Also music parties, film screenings, artist talks and lectures let us to engage more than 20000 viewers in such a short period (three years).

We are open to any cooperation offers. Please, contact us if you have any ideas on how we could cooperate. Here you’ll find our contact details.